Something Old, Something New….

Something Borrowed, Something Blue And A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe

This is a traditional rhyme from Victorian times.

Something Old – a piece of old wedding dress or veil from family member which can be wrapped around the bouquet. This connects the bride with the past and her continued happiness.

Something New – this could be your new dress and shoes

Something Borrowed – this could be a handkerchief or an item of jewellery borrowed from a close friend or member of the family – to get good luck it must be returned.

Something Blue – this is traditionally a garter but you could follow what many wedding designers do and that is to sew a blue ribbon into  your traditionally signifies fidelity.

And A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe – traditionally a sixpence but these days some brides use a penny instead.  This is supposed to signify wealth so that the bride will be never be poor.

A bride is considered to have a long and happy marriage if she carries these four items with her when she gets married.



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